Why did LHO leave the Depository after the Assassination

I cannot understand why LHO left the Depository after the Assassination if he was totally innocent?

Any comments?


  1. Barry Keane · February 3, 2013

    He wasn’t the only one to leave and of course he may not have been totally innocent even if he did not fire a shot.

    • Susan Klopfer · February 3, 2013

      I think he somehow knew that he was being set up to be a patsy. I also think he’d been a victim of mind control and didn’t have a lot of choice about being there in the first place.

  2. Phillip Dodge · February 3, 2013

    It’s hard to be sure but I think Roger Stone’s new book “The Man Who Killed Kennedy – The Case Against LBJ” and it’s discussion concerning the CIA connection expands on Oswald’s trail. One thing is for sure, the book has been touted by the National Enquirer as “history changing” because it has the most throughout research to date concerning LBJ’s involvement told by Stone who had a unique White House perspective on the event. While the tell-all book has not be released yet, it can be ordered at Amazon.

    • Shaun Crowther · February 3, 2013

      Just starting this book now. Definitely promising to be a good read. I’ve never really considered LBJ’s role in the plot to kill President Kennedy; until now. The bit I do know about Johnson’ s scandals – Billy Sol Estes and the Bobby Baker issue – make Nixon a saint in comparison…

  3. L. Abbott · February 3, 2013

    After Marrion Baker pointed his gun at him (and no report of Baker pointing his gun at anyone else) Oswald realized he was set up. That’s exactly why he went to his rooming house for his revolver and DIDN’T have it with him all along.

    If he killed Tippit, and there are more reasons to think he didn’t than did, my opinion is it was in self-defense. He was a dead man walking and would have been shot inside the Texas Theatre had there not been witnesses around.

  4. admin · February 3, 2013

    If so and he realised he was set up, he had the perfect alibi. He had been seen and if he had stayed inside the TSBD nobody could of accused him of anything.


  5. Matt D. · February 3, 2013

    I believe that John Martino gave us the answer to this question, decades ago:

    “Oswald went to the Texas Theater to meet a contact. There was no way we could get to him (Oswald). Oswald was to meet his contact, be flown out of the country and eliminated”.

    It appears that Oswald either WAS or THOUGHT HE WAS part of an anti-Castro assassination plot (Yes, Oswald was anti-Castro). This also explains why he left money and his wedding ring behind on the morning of the assassination. Oswald was most likely told that after a possible fake assassination attempt on Kennedy, (or a Pro Castro demonstration such as hanging a Pro Castro banner out of the depository, while Kennedy passed underneath) he was (if he didnt receive a phone call instructing otherwise, while eating in the depository lunchroom) to head to the Texas Theater to meet his contact, and that he would then be taken to Mexico City, then on to Cuba, to either kill Castro, or take part in a coup (most likely the planned Coup that was going to occur on December 1st 1963, according to researcher Lamar Waldron). Gilberto Policarpo Lopez, who had many parallels to Oswald, and who evidence shows was set up to be the Patsy for the planned Florida (Tampa and/or Miami) Kennedy assassination attempt (which was thwarted) DID cross into Mexico City, then into Cuba on 11/22/63. Oswald was most likely told that he was to play a role in the coup, which is why he was told to create his “pro Castro” legend. So, even if Kennedy had not been assassinated on 11/22/63, Oswald still would probably have left work to meet his contact. Because he left money and his wedding ring behind BEFORE the Kennedy assassination, he most likely knew that either:
    1. There might be an attempt on Kennedy’s life (he would have been told that Castro’s operatives were stalking Kennedy), which would require him to go to Cuba to be part of the “retaliatory” effort after the assassination/assassination attempt.
    2. Assassination or no assassination, he was going to Cuba as part of an attempt to overthrow Castro.

    Oswald had a torn box top on him when arrested. This may explain Oswald’s strange actions in the Texas Theater, where he sat next to someone (odd actions on behalf of a supposed sociopathic nutjob) for a few minutes….got up, sat next to someone else (though there were plenty of vacant seats), got up, sat next to someone else,(ants in the pants maybe?) etc. Oswald probably took out the torn box top, and held it in his hand, and waited to see if the person next to him had the other half of the torn box top, showing themselves to be his contact. When nobody showed the other half of the torn box top, Oswald didnt know what to do. When he realized that the police were going to ask him to stand up, he said “This is it” as if to say “My mission is over….my cover blown….now everyone will know who I am….Goodbye to my mission to Cuba”

    • Mike Dunkley · February 3, 2013

      I have not heard before about Oswald moving around ie changing seats in the cinema and sitting next to different people. Is there a reliable checkable source for this information?

  6. Mike Dunkley · February 3, 2013

    I’ve been fascinated with this assassination for many years having been 13 in 1963 and seen the announcement on the evening news. The one thing that convinces me of a conspiracy are the number of violent or premature deaths of people who may have been witnesses to something or have been investigating the case. Each of these deaths can be explained away individually but there are just too many of them! The general conspiracy consensus seems to be Mafia / rogue CIA elements/ Texas oil money. The only solid evidence points to Oswald but there are too many questions that have been left hanging or “answered” unsatisfactorily.

  7. Alan Ford · February 3, 2013

    In my humble opinion, Oswald was under the impression he was working with others to prevent an attack upon the president. Little did he know (until well after the fact), he was merely being moved in position to be the patsy he claims he was.

    Not many genuine killers, consumed with enough hate to murder in broad daylight, suddenly go patsy up (as Dr. Spock would say, “that’s illogical”). Oswald was what he says he was, a Patsy.

  8. David Jones · February 3, 2013

    My first post here……to be brief….Oswald was well spooked by having a gun in his chest ,per Marion Baker. He probably has some involvement in events.He left to get his hand gun and go to a safe place to think things out. He probably realized he would be suspected.

  9. John Corbett · February 3, 2013

    No one will ever no with any certainty what was going on in the mind of Oswald and I’m not sure it would make sense to us if we did.

    The answer of course to the question is that he wasn’t innocent. All the physical evidence points to Oswald alone as the assassin of JFK and an eyewitness identified him as well. In over 52 years, no one has come up with a scrap of credible evidence that he had even a single accomplice in his crime.

    We don’t know why Oswald killed JFK, why he fled the scene, what his plan was or if he even had one. We are left to guess about what he was thinking. What we don’t have to guess about is what he did. He killed the President of the United States and a short time later killed a cop who stopped to question him.

    • Tony · February 3

      All with little evidence to back any of it up no prints on a gun, a magic bullet in the other and a load of fabricated evidence and dead witnesses who go against the official story which most people now feel is wrong, who was behind the cover up of all the important evidence is probably the main one/ one`s behind the whole assassination. I feel Oswald was just being used by an official source (CIA/FBI) which now seems very likely and what a great distraction he was for those who needed time to vanish, after all they were telling everyone they had their man within 90 minutes