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  1. Stuart · January 25, 2013

    Hi Everybody
    Just trialing our new Blog that Bernard Wilds has set up for us.

    • admin · January 25, 2013

      Thanks Stuart all ok

  2. Russ · January 25, 2013

    Hi, as we discussed this on the weekend I thought I’d give it a go to see if it was all working ok.

    Did everyone else enjoy it ?

    • Russ · January 25, 2013

      ……at the Flying horse i mean !!

  3. Stuart Galloway · January 25, 2013

    Yes – I certainly did enjoy the session, Russ. I have written a resume of the afternoon which will appear in the December Journal. The details of the forthcoming mini-seminars are in the current issue of the Journal.

  4. Barry Keane · January 25, 2013

    I thought it was brilliant, plenty of interaction and lively discussion!

  5. Bill Charleston · January 25, 2013

    LHO left the TSBD because he was not your ordinary, TSBD employee who had just witnessed a shooting, he was involved in important US gov’t work and did NOT want to be exposed to questioning.

    Before YOU can know with certainty who Lee Oswald was, you have to first UNDER STAND what happened during the shooting. Things went poorly for the conspirators when JFK was brutally murdered but the plan to cover up everything necessary was in place.

    To start the process of figuring out who LHO was working for and why he ran, we’ll first PROVE that a conspiracy killed JFK. To do this use evidence that is readily available and can easily be verified:

    There are TWO INDEPENDENT ways to determine the times between shots in the assassination.

    1. The Zapruder film: Let’s identify two of the shots
    a) Zapruder frame 224: John Connally AND JFK the first signs of reacting to a shot
    b) Zapruder frame Z313: JFK shot in the head

    The time between (a) and (b) is found by using the camera’s film speed of 18.3 frames per second.

    Time (Z313 -Z224) = (313 – 224)/ 18.3 = 4.8 seconds

    2. The second way to determine the times between shots uses the only audio recording of the shooting. MANY think the audio recording did NOT record the sounds of the shots but before you decide if that is true or not, look at the following figure. The times between shots #3 and #4 is 4.8 seconds!


    Obviously the times between shots would be the same if sounds of the shots were recorded so it seems more plausable they were recorded. Glance at the figure again: WIth more than 3 shots fired, it means that a conspiracy killed JFK. Notice especially that the last two shots were fired a split second apart.

    Pause here for a second and consider that in a couple of paragraphs I have shown you something that no book or documentary has ever shown you. This is probably the most written about murder in history and you have never seen that the last two shots fired were possibly BANG-BANG?


    Starting with 4.8 seconds being common in BOTH The Zapruder film and the audio evidence allows the mystery to be solved. It turns out the US government was hijacked by a small but powerful conspiracy that killed JFK and then hid the truth for decades. A government this corrupt cannot let the citizens know what happened so they continue to lie even after all of the major players have died. BUT NOT ALL OF THEM.

    This video introduces you to the biggest story in history.


    Bill Charleston